My Passion

After the birth of my son I quickly realized that, while I loved my retail management career, leaving him in the care of someone else, missing all of the milestones would emotionally kill me. After jumping into a new role that required less travel but still more than full-time hours and high stress, I hatched a plan to leave my role. I decided to launch my own business in the fitness industry.

It went well! I loved helping people feel great in their bodies and my business flourished. 

There was just one problem...I was still unavailable to my family when I most wanted to be there. I was still missing out on all of the fun stuff. I was still not going to be part of the important moments in my son's life.

Once again I searched for something that would allow me to live my passion of helping others live well, be available to my family when they needed me most and continue to earn a six figure income. 

And I found it, sitting right in front of me all along! 

Working from home had always intrigued me. The thought of setting my own schedule, choosing who I worked with and being in control of my income potential & security was THE driving force in embarking on this path.

I now lead a team of diverse women from all sorts of different backgrounds. We educate others how to take control of their health, wellness and financial means. Together we are helping families live better more fulfilling lives. We're helping other dedicated moms, come home to their lives.


June Thomson